The Voila Box: Mattress Review

October 13, 2017

The Voila Box: Mattress Review

The good people over at The Voila Box sent us a boxed mattress to review and I must say we are in shock by how amazing it is! Now I know what you're thinking. Am I just talking up this mattress because I got it for free? This is definitely not one of those posts. I will honestly tell you why I love this mattress and our full experience with The Voila Box. 


The website was very straightforward and easy to browse. We where able to select whether we wanted a soft or firm mattress and all the info was there where you needed it. After placing the order, it took just a few days for the mattress to arrive at our door. The shipping service they use was very helpful with the delivery. 


The fact that the mattress came rolled into a box made it very easy to unpack. All we had to do was unroll it, cut a little hole into the clear slip (being careful not to cut the mattress) and watch it rise with air. You immediately begin to see and hear the air come into the mattress and it really was entertaining to see. Our little one was thrilled to watch it happen.


Now here is where I get very honest about how this mattress was for us. Our first night sleeping on it wasn't my favorite. I felt as if it was a little too firm. I thought maybe I had received a firm mattress when I had ordered soft. But within a week, I noticed it to slowly but surely soften up. By the one week mark I realized that the mattress does take a bit of time to fully take in all the air and become the true mattress that it is supposed to be. For us it only took that one week. It's been about 3 weeks now that we have been using this mattress and I feel like it is everything I have ever needed in a mattress. I have never woken up with back aches (like I usually did before) and I always feel well rested. The minute you lay in this bed you automatically feel the urge to want to take a nap. I've had history with stress related insomnia and yet on my most stressful days I have still been able to feel the urge to sleep when I lay on this mattress (which truly says a lot).
I've always been hesitant about a boxed mattress. I always wondered how a mattress that came out of a box can possibly be comfortable. But this one really is. If you are on the search for a new mattress and really want something that feels comfortable and isn't just convenient, go with The Voila Box. I would even recommend this to my closest friends and family.